Welcome to the DOOR TO DOOR Dry Cleaning website
Welcome to the DOOR TO DOOR Dry Cleaning website
  • How much does the service cost? There is NO charge for our service and you’ll pay for your cleaning at prices similar to, or lower than, those at your local cleaner.
  • What is my obligation once I begin service? Is there a contract I must honor? NO. NO obligation. NO contract. NO minimums.
  • Must I have an order every week? NO.
  • What is the “REFUNDABLE bag deposit” all about? A refundable deposit of $10 will be added to your first statement. If you should discontinue the service and you return your bag, your deposit will be refunded.
  • If I have a question (complaint? request?) who should I call ? Don’t hesitate to call us days, evening and weekends. If we are not immediately available, leave a detailed message (to which we will respond shortly).
  • Will you accept hangers for recycling? YES - hangers in good condition. Please do NOT put hangers for recycling in the bag with your cleaning. They may snag your clothes.
  • Do you replace broken or missing dress shirt buttons? YES, this feature is provided free-of-charge. Should we ever miss one, or should a button leave our plant in one piece but break when used, please call us at your convenience or include a note with the item in your next order.
  • Will you “press only” if that’s all I need to have done for a garment? If so, what do you charge? YES. This service is available for dry cleaned items only. Just be sure to write a note and put it in the bag. The price is approximately $1 less (PER ITEM) than for cleaning and pressing, as pressing is the more labor intensive part of the process. Laundered items have to be wet before they are pressed, so there is no "press only" for these items.
  • What if I don’t remember my regular pickup day? We can help with that. All customers receive an automated “reminder” call on the evening before their regularly scheduled pickup.
  • When/where will you pick up our cleaning? Please hang your bag from your front door in plain view by 7:15am on your pick-up day.
  • What if I miss your pickup? If you do miss us and you have an emergency requirement to have your items cleaned right away, call us. We will let you know whether or not it is possible for us to come back for your order.
  • May I have a pickup if it’s not my regular day? We will have an additional pick up when we are delivering items from the previous days’ pick up. These items will be delivered on your regular pick up day.
  • Must I include a list of what’s in my order? You may, but it is not required. Use any paper you have on hand or let us know if you would like for us to provide a 3-part form (keep a copy for yourself; send the other 2 with your order).
  • What about large orders or large items (comforters, feather beds, throw rugs, winter coats, cushions, etc.) which won’t fit in the orange bag? Feel free to use any large bag along with your laundry bag. Plastic garden or trash bags work well. WRITE YOUR NAME ON A PIECE OF TAPE on the outside of the bag.
  • White wine was spilled on my linen tablecloth but it dried CLEAR - without leaving a stain or any mark. Do I need to tell you about this when I send the tablecloth to be cleaned? YES! You’ll help avoid the permanent damage which can result from an “invisible stain”. “Invisible stains” occur when a substance (sugar, for example) is deposited on fabric and not removed with pre-treatment prior to the fabric being laundered or dry cleaned. The spill “site” cannot be detected visually – yet! When the fabric is subjected to heat (dry or steam) during cleaning or pressing, or to light (even sunlight!) while in use or in storage, the sugar residue becomes oxidized. Once oxidized, the residue becomes discolored, turning light yellow to dark brown. This color change can occur immediately or gradually, over time. It is often permanent. To prevent damage of this sort the item must be pretreated. So, DO always notify us.
  • I just noticed a food oil stain on my favorite linen shirt. Should I wait until my regular pickup day to have it cleaned? In the meantime, should I try to get the stain out myself? Because some stains accelerate their damaging effect with time, have the shirt cleaned as soon as possible. Be sure to give it to us with your next order. Identify the nature and location of the stain with a note. We do NOT recommend pre-treating stains at home unless you have some knowledge the properties of the fabric you plan to treat, the nature of the staining substance, the treatment agent you plan to use and the potential interaction of the three. Some treatment can result in permanent damage to your garments (e.g. used on certain fabrics, water/steam will permanently set some ink stains; hairspray, often the ‘ink remover’ of choice for do-it-yourselfers, may remove dye color along with the ink).
  • What if the label in my garment says “Dry Clean Only” but I want you to launder it instead (or vice versa)? Write a note and put it in the bag telling what you want done. If we have any questions or recommendations we will call before we proceed.
  • I (sometimes) like my clothes pressed/hung a “certain” way: pants creased/not creased hung flat/folded over a hanger, etc and sweaters folded/hung on hangers/in bags. Will you do that? Certainly. Just write a note and put it in your bag. If the instruction is something you’ll want done every time, write it on (or ask us to write it on) the tag on your bag.
  • It seems that we pay more to launder silk/linen/rayon shirts and lady’s cotton blouses than it does to launder men’s cotton dress shirts? Why is that (as they’re all laundered)? Silk, linen and rayon (and some cotton-poly blend) shirts must usually be hand-pressed after being washed. Cotton dress shirts are usually pressed on a form press (a “buck”) and touched-up by hand as necessary. Those presses will not accommodate garments under a certain size, or having darts, etc. Also, they operate at a heat best suited for 100% cotton (not silk, rayon, linen or blends). Unless she wears a size 12* or larger, lady’s cotton blouses will not fit on the form press. They are being hand-pressed as well. If you believe that you’re being charged incorrectly, or charged for a process you do not wish to have done, just notify us. We will make any necessary adjustments to your bill and to the processes used in the future for your items. *varies by press
  • How do I get started in my condo / apartment? For the condos / apartments that we serve, get a Door to Door Dry Cleaning bag from your concierge or apartment office. They should also have an information sheet for you. For your pick up fill in the bag tag on the yellow bag and give the bag to your concierge or apartment office before 8:00 AM on Monday or Friday for most buildings. We will generate a bar-coded tag just for you. Your items will be delivered back to your concierge the afternoon of the next business day. We will bill your Visa or MasterCard. Please let us know your card number. We will also need to know what starch level you like in men's dress shirts: no starch,light,medium or heavy and if you like creases down the fronts of your pants.

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